Our Privacy Policy
InSol® takes the privacy of its customers very seriously. It understands that any information provided by a prospective buyer about himself or his property and needs is personal. At InSol® any information that is given by a person while doing business is never given out to a third party except in such cases where it is necessary to seal the deal, and then too only enough that is necessary and no more. The facility of return emails is usefully utilized for correspondence needs hence keeping all particulars a secret. These addresses are never given to outside parties and are not used for any reason other than that of answering received emails.

InSol® is extremely conscious of the need of the customer to maintain his privacy and keep personal information away from prying eyes. To make sure of this and to provide peace of mind to its customers in this regard, Company places a notice explaining how the information provided by customers is used and to what extent it is shared with any outside party. There is a link provided to the notice on the company's homepage as well as at every juncture at which you might be asked to fill in your particulars. This ensures that you fully understand the privacy policy offered by the company and there are no apprehensions. The manner in which a customers' information is collected and the use to which it is put is put to the choice of the said customer.

You can feel safe doing business with us knowing your phone number, address and all other privacy related information is safe.